Adapting – our new video series

We all are doing things as we have never done them before: I, for example, have never lead an orchestra program without live musicians in front of me. Friends have moved their office into their homes and are supervising their children’s e-learning while maintaining their professional lives. Others are having virtual happy-hours, producing virtual concerts, and wearing masks to the post office. In short, we’re adapting to our situation.

To that end, the Sounds of Illinois Community Music Center is doing what we can to serve the artistic needs of our community by commissioning newly, and quite sadly, unemployed musicians to make videos of themselves dropping some musical knowledge. It has been great to see what our friends have been sharing with us, and it is important that we, with the help of our supporters, have been able to provide some financial assistance to the great musicians at their time of need. While we know that watching a video can’t take the place of working with a live instructor, we felt that we needed to do something to fill the void left by social distancing. Please take some time to visit our YouTube page and watch the videos that have been made, and hit “Subscribe” so that you’ll know when the next video drops.

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