I am here, you are there, but WE are not in either place, and that’s a drag!

By far, my favorite part of teaching is the daily interaction that I have with my students. No matter how well we play, or how efficient our rehearsals are, we are together making music, telling dumb jokes, sharing cosas buenas, and building our community. Thus, the e-learning/teaching, social distancing thing is tough on me as a teacher (but my introverted self kind of digs it!) The challenge that I will face is learning the best ways to “interact” with my students and make sure that they are getting some instrumental music enrichment in their lives. So, I will take this time to comb the internet for helpful information on practicing, playing, and overall music-ing.

Today’s installment comes to us from a New York artist, Michael L, who shares some thoughts and tips on instrumental music teaching and learning: Click Here for the Video!

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